About me

I have always had a love affair with food, cooking and entertaining. This has stemmed from growing up in the hospitality industry.  I loved working in all the prestigious hotels here in Cardiff, from the Kitchens to Front of House.  I loved being part of the hospitality world, except for the hours, however, I learned so much from watching the chefs and their love of ingredients and presentation.
From this I took a huge interest in organising gatherings for so many of my friends and family.  They all know how much I love to organise their social lives by getting together and feasting.  The idea of starting a small business like this has always been in the back of my mind, however, there it stayed whilst I started my family.  I am lucky to be surrounded by some amazing inspirational people who have guided me to this moment, where I have now taken a leap of faith and created the beauty that is, Honey to the Brie.
Since establishing in late December 2017, Honey to the Brie has gone from strength to strength in such a small amount of time.  I cannot wait to meet more of you lovely grazers and create memorable occasions that are totally different to the norm!


Honey To The Brie

Here at Honey to the Brie we specialise in bringing loved ones together by creating memorable Grazing Boards & Grazing Tables for any special occasion.  We create this unique look by using locally sourced produce and other elements which will keep your guests craving & coming back for more.  
Our Boards & Tables are filled with an abundance of good quality produce, from all kinds of artisan cheeses to homemade chutneys & dips.  We feel this is the new way to entertain your guests whether it be a casual date with friends or your Wedding Day.  We are here to cater to your needs and we pride ourselves on giving each individual client a unique service throughout with an unforgettable feast at the end.
We offer a variety of Grazing Boxes, Boards & Tables.  We hope to enjoy the grazing life with you soon.